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 What Clients Are Saying

“My MasterMind Group has been a soruce of inspiration, accountability and motivation!  I look forward to seeing the group, supporting the other members and I take something valuable away from every meeting.” - Self-employed, Group member

“After my divorce I was frustrated and angry most of the time. With Dan’s help I began to understand what was going on and started rebuilding my life.” - Business owner, mom

“We met wtih Dan a few times before we got married to make sure we were ready for our future together.  It’s funny how often we refer to some of those discussions!  Thanks for helping us connect!” - Newlywed, husband

“We’re constantly on the “go” and taking time to meet as a couple and focus on “us” has made all the difference in the world.  We’re talking again, not arguing.  We actually like spending time with each other!”  - Busy couple, parents, business owner, sales person


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Addictions Group

Addictions are difficult to beat on your own. Even when you have the support of friends and family, they just don’t understand your internal battle between knowing that you should quit - that you want to quit - but that you find yourself escaping into your addictive habits.

We understand. It’s not just as easy as “stop doing that”. Once you realize your addiction is hindering your success, your quality of life, your relationships, your happiness, you want to stop. It’s not about simply changing your behavior. You know there’s more to it than that. If it were that easy, you’d stop.

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Is Life Coaching right for me?

How do you know if coaching is right for you?  Click on the link below, then select the category that best fits your life or needs.  Coaching has something to offer for almost everyone!

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Sex & Porn Addicts Support Group

Finally, a support group for those addicted to sex and pornography. We understand your situation. This group is for those ready to overcome these addictions, rebuild their relationships and stop living a double life.

Tuesdays, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM  Click here for Details

Couples Coaching

Couples have ups and downs.  It’s part of being together. If you’re feeling like there are more downs than ups lately, you and/or your partner will benefit from couples coaching.

Through the individualized, dynamic coaching of couples you’ll learn how to love and be loved; how to resolve conflict (without “blowing up”), and how to set, honor and share boundaries.  <More>

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Here’s an inspirational and thought provoking short video from a favorite film maker, Nic Askew

Kansas City Life Coaching & MasterMind Groups

Divorce Recovery Coaching

Divorce or a breakup can be tough.  Tough on you, tough on your family.  In a roundabout way, it can be tough on your friends and coworkers, too as they see you struggle.

After the divorce, there are many seemingly unanswerable questions: Where did I fail?  How did it come to this?  What’s next for me?  Who am I as a single person?  What do I want at this point in my life?

There are other, more practical issues to address, too.  If your spouse handled the finances, you may have to do it for the first time.  Or maybe it’s mowing the grass, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning the house, or other basics.  Your life is about to change (or has changed).  None of it is beyond your grasp, it’s just new and different and, maybe at times, overwhelming.  Handling the new activities and the dynamics that go along with them is when

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Life Coaching Clients

You might be wondering, “What is life coaching?” or “Why do people hire a coach?

In this section of the web site, I’m going to highlight a few client stories and discuss my approach to coaching.

Follow the link below to learn more...

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